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Greetings from the oasis within the maelstrom , known as Fine art photography. A place to rest, view great images , kick back and sample some great virtual coffee........enjoy!

My Artist Statement

A photograph that is seen as a work of art, is a image which fulfils the creative vision and expressed emotion to a subject by the photographer.
It would be more than a representation or illustration, although, these words could be used in part to describe the appearance,
but not the substance of an fine art photograph.


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Fine Art photography ?

Fine Art photography ?

Post office tower, London

When is photography, Fine Art Photography ? is it when the image in front of us, speaks to us of something meaningful within ourselves. Or is it simple something attractive to put on the wall that has moved on for being commerial and ubiquitous to becoming ‘hip‘ and ‘retro’?


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This is a little tutorial on how to make a subject float using Photoshop. Its quick and convincing.

Firstly, tripod your camera, compose and focus on where your subject is going to be. then shoot a frame without the subject.

floating me_empty_1

 Photograph the subject on a stool  ………..

floating me_chair_1

Remove the stool, clone out things you don’t like in Photoshop using a mask and the clone tool …………….


Make the background cooler by masking out the subject and change the shirt colour,  brighten and saturate everything up a bit………..



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Gilbert Bayes:Architectural Work

Gilbert Bayes

Born in London into a family of artists, Bayes’ lengthy career began as a student under Sir George Frampton and Harry Bates, and so became associated with the British New Sculpture movement who included such notable sculptures such as Alfred Gilbert and Edward Onslow Ford with its focus on Architectural sculpture.

Bayes is perhaps best remembered for his interest in colour, his association with the Royal Doulton Company, and his work in polychrome ceramics and enamelled bronze such as the Queen of Time Clock, undertaken for Selfridges in 1930 . His major ceramic frieze at the Doulton Headquarters of 1938 was rescued in the 1960s when the building was demolished. It was renovated and re-located to the gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum which bears his name, but now resides at the V&A’s entrance to the recently redeveloped Architecture Gallery.

He served as President of the Royal British Society of Sculptors from 1939 through 1944. He died in London in 1953. Bayes’ home at 4 Greville Place in St. John’s Wood bears a blue plaque placed by English Heritage in 2007.


Bas-relief panels above the main entrance doors on the front elevation of the London fire brigade HQ on the Albert Embankment .


The London Fire Brigade Headquarters on the Albert Embankment was opened on the 21 July 1937 by King George VI. The building, designed by the London County Council Architects, E.P. Wheeler and assistant architect, G.Weald , to replace the old headquarters building in Southwark.

Front Elevation : The beautiful central reliefs by Bayes, appear a little lost on this huge façade.


 Details of the central reliefs.





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All my images are created to be printed on a A sizes from A4 up to A1.
Prints come in two types– fine art paper prints and metal prints.

Email me if you're interested in purchasing one of my prints.
Online ordering will be available from the website in the not to distant future.


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I have been a commercial photographer for over 20 years now, but, of late I find the business of commercial photography less and less inspiring. I have constantly produced photographs for myself in the form of personal projects.
So I have now come the conclusion that this is what I will do going forward, that said, I present to you, dear viewer, my work !

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